Last year, the University Sports Association of Primorska  (UŠZP) added floorball to the University of Primorska student program of interest and sports activities, which quickly impressed students.

The region where the UŠZP operates and the city where the University of Primorska is headquartered has a rich tradition in sports, but floorball was something new. After successfully applying for the organization of the FISU 2020 WUC Floorbal, the USAP started promoting this sport among students.

Introductory expert and technical presentations of this brand new sport were made by Floorball Association of Slovenia staff. Considering that there was a high level of interest in this type of sport by the students, the UZZP included floorball in the regular program and provided all the necessary equipment for the exercise of this sport.

In the coming academic year, floorball will be part of regular sports activities for students at the University of Primorska. Regular floorball practice is held every Wednesday at the gym from 8-9 pm, where other sports activities for students are also held.

Through the popularization of floorball among students and young people, the 2020 WUC Floorball Organizing Committee will recruit promoters and volunteers to organize the competition.