Official transport

The planned points of arrivals and departures for the World University Floorball Championship 2020 are:

  1. Trieste (Italy) Airport Ronchi Dei Legionari, official airport
  2. Trieste (Italy) main Train and Bus Station
  3. Koper main Train and Bus Station

The Organising Committee will provide for all participants of the Championship: free transportation to/from the arrival/departure point and the accommodation venues as well as connections between the competition venue, ceremonies and hotels.

Transportation from other aeroports (Airport Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana, Airport Marco Polo Venice, Airport of Treviso, Airport of Pula, Airport of Zagreb and Airport of Klagenfurt etc.) or train and bus stations (Ljubljana, Zagreb (Croatia), Venice (Italy) etc) will be additionally charged.

Local transport

Transportation between the accommodation and the sports venues will be arranged by a dedicated bus.